Expert in Solution Architecture, Software Design and Development.


Solution Architecture

Transforming the requirements created by functional analysts into a set of architecture and design decisions that can be used by the development team(s) to create the solution. The focus lies on defining all components contributing to the solution, their interactions, and technologies to be used.

Software Design

Starting from the solution architecture, the software architecture and design for a given component in the overall architecture need to be defined, before starting the actual development of the component.


To ensure the succes of the actual implementation of your solution, you needs developers with a high level of maturity in the technologies and frameworks being used. e-Creations can provide you with expertise in Web development and Java development


While often neglected, automated (unit and integration) testing is a cornerstone in your software development project: ensuring the functional and technical correctness of the current solution while at the same time providing a means to perform automated regression tests that can be executed during the evolution of your software product.

Quality Assurance

Ensure quality through continuous & automated quality control, combined with a human review of the architecture, design and source code of your solutions.

Functional Analysis

e-Creations can assist you in the definition of the functional (and non-functional) requirements of your solution, to ensure they are formulated completely and in a non-ambiguous way, avoiding misunderstandings during the development cycle.



Dirk Dom
Solution Architect